Embarcação multiuso espaçosa

Barco alumínio com largura máxima de 2,20 metros e um layout interno direcionado para quem deseja maior conforto, mais espaço e uma configuração direcionada para passeios ou pesca multi espécies, utilizando iscas naturais ou artificiais.

Esta versão pode ser utilizada em grandes rios, lagos e costas marítimas abrigadas, pode receber motores de 90 até 250 HP, garantindo ótima performance e agilidade ao conjunto. http://www.motooeste.com.br/embarcacoes/barcos-de-aluminio.html

Duas poltronas giratórias na popa e mais duas poltronas giratórias especiais no cockpit e outra na plataforma de proa, se mostra versátil para a prática da pesca, sendo apropriada para pesca de corrico, de fundo com iscas naturais e até de arremessos com iscas artificiais a partir da plataforma de proa.

Maior estabilidade, layout multiuso, performance superior, praticidade, grande segurança e a qualidade do casco LEVEFORT resumem os principais atributos desta embarcação. Boca máxima: 2,20 m Comprimento: 6,70 m Capacidade de carga: 800 kg Calado: 0,18 m Capacidade de passageiros: 08 pessoas Peso: 480 kg Espessura do fundo do casco: 2,50 m Espessura do costado: 2,00 m Pontal: 0,80 m Motorização: 90 a 250 HP

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Stable engine speed

An engine that has a stable speed, we can say that it is an asynchronous motor because it uses an armature that has a predefined constant field for that it increases the response of the process of drag created by the rotating field in general this engine is generally used when it needs stable speeds, and need varying loads, these electric motors can also be used when the machine needs a major power, with a constant torque.

The components of an asynchronous electrical motor are https://www.mrosupply.com/motors/ac-motors/inverter-vector-motors/2270348_y527_marathon-electric/

Permanent magnet with brush

Permanent magnet brushless

Shunt components or parallel

Electrodes Polyphase

Rotor type: – rotating part of the motor and this is the most important part, and that must be done correctly and be checked maintenance lubrication of all combs that area, as well as cleaning.

Rotor cage rotor or short circuit, wrapped rotor or wound rotor, rotor cage open, closed cage rotor.

Electrodes Single Phase

Electric start capacitor

Capacitor permanently

Shaded pole

Starting repulsion

Synchronous Motor



Variable reluctance

Hybrid Engine



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Multi electric motor assembly among others

W190 multi mounting IRE

This engine is manufactured with an aluminum housing, has asynchronous rotor with three phase induction and has IP57 degree of protection, and a low cost of maintenance and purchasing, without altering its high technology. It is very versatile and has a lot of flexibility in installation, and great ease of operation and low cost maintenance.

YK55 IR23 Category D9

Engine which is intended only for high starting torque loads, and a current of normal and high slip match.

CoolingDrive System

This engine has intended to replace all conventional ventilation systems and which are made with many colds towers assembly formed by the motor, a further transmission shaft our products, and a pressure reducer, which decrease the mechanical losses and provides high efficiency in their final performance . This type of engine uses a transmission system that a high technology and has already been awarded for their performance, and becomes the market leader and can be used for different industry segments.

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How the engines work with interaction

There are various types of engines, and among them is the electric motor that works with interaction, it means that it works with interaction between the electromagnetic field, even more so are the engines that are based on other electrical phenomena mechanics, as it is with electro static force.

The fundamental principle on which the electromagnetic motors are based is the following, there is a mechanical strength in all kinds of wire, only when it is being driven by a Lorentz force and she then perpendicular to the wire and the existing magnetic field.

This force must be immersed in that electromagnetic field, thereby rotary engine has in one of its components the component that makes the engine turn is called the rotor, only that element made of steel wires and others are able to make the electric motor turn. baldor general motors

Why we emphasize the importance of caring for the parts of the electric motor and we should not neglect the care of the rotor, because without it the engine is not able to rotate.

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Basic manual of some items to meet an electric motor

The market for maintenance and repair of equipment grows every day and what else can see are people who are learning about how to fix the electric motor of one of these machines, especially the household, is a list that should look for information:

To more information access http://www.cgevaporator.com/ and find all that you need to know.

A- Standard Minimum value Conjugate

B – Characteristics engines

C – Load inertia sent to the engine

Conference of acceleration time and locked rotor current

D – Scheme departure and its standard maximum values

E -Speed of adjustment

F – Engine Items asynchronous induction motor with two speeds and winding speeds or four

G – Variation of: number of poles, slip, robotics resistance, stator voltage and phase variation of the motorcycle brake

H – Operation and supply of the following items: the coil, the braking torque, brake coil, brake and brake operation before adjustments

I – Features regime in the following: service system, standardized and designation of each scheme and serving

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